Semilax Ltd – in business for a quarter of a century

Our mission is to increase the quality of rainbow trout in natural waters, convey the waters around the natural fish retailers and restaurants, as well as a manufacturer of high-quality fish products. Fish farming and food production in themselves are highly regulated activities, read to find out more >> Environment and Quality section

Semilax Ltd established in 1989 in Loviisa. The company is owned by a married couple Robert and Nan Hindsberg. A long history and a purposeful development have made Semilax Ltd prestigious and well-known company within the industry.

Over the years, farming methods and feeds have evolved tremendously. As a result, the fish quality is improved and the environmental load is reduced drastically.

Semilax Ltd is the only trout food production in Uusimaa region. A 100 km radius of the facility are located in Helsinki, Lahti, Kouvola and Kotka economic areas in which our fish is local food at its best.

Semilax Ltd in a nutshell

  • Three farms in the waters of the Loviisa
  • Production of superior class sea trout
  • EU-approved fish processing plant in Loviisa fish harbour
  • Broker of wild fish
  • Fish products manufacturer

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