Responsible fish farming and high quality food production

Fish farming is guided by strict rules, designed to ensure a high quality end product and to minimize environmental impacts. Feeding growing plants takes place precisely controlled by computer. We use low-phosphorus feed, which has a very small footprint.

We breed rainbow trout in three educational institution, located in Loviisa south side of the water column. The largest unit is in the vicinity of the open sea, about 20 km south of the town of Loviisa. In winter, the fish kept vicinity of the Valko fishing harbor.

Our production is based on skills, suitable facilities and modern manufacturing processes. A detailed self-monitoring plans to ensure safe products, and compliance with food law.

Cleaning room, smokehouse, refined processing facilities, cold stores, freezers

Fish farming
Feed storage, equipment maintenance area, fuel oil, biodiesel raw material tank 30 m3, automatic feeding system for ships, the workboat  m/s Wilma

We promise to our customers

  • Eco-friendly fish farming
  • High-quality fish products
  • Clean local food
  • Smooth cooperation
  • Security of supply and service capabilities